The Thing About Perspective

The thing about perspective, is that often times we only consider our own and forget there are more ways to look at things that just our own.

Recently, I’ve been checking out an iPhone app named Sktchy. It allows you to upload a picture and if someone feels inspired by it, they recreate it by drawing. I uploaded a picture and was fortunate enough that two people had drawn a picture of me. Below are the photo I uploaded and the two drawing:










I’d just like to take this moment to point out that I still have more hair than Homer Simpson, thank you.

Back to the subject, as you can see, two different people perceived the picture differently. If we know that there are other views than our own, why do we normally only see our own? Looking at something with a different perspective can show you a view completely opposite of what you had seen it as before.

I could only see it being beneficial and probably a good idea to look at things differently more often because it just might surprise you.